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Small children who like big machines that go—and things that grow—will love this ode to farm equipment from the team behind the Roadworks series.

Down on the farm, let’s plant the seeds. Tip them! Flip them! Go, go, go!

From the plow that cuts the earth and the harrow that churns the soil to the seed drill that plants the seeds, the sprayer that waters them, the combine harvester that reaps the corn, and the dump cart that brings the tasty load to the truck, there’s plenty of noisy excitement that happens on a farm. And don’t forget the hard-working tractor, which rests when the farm workers take a break and sample the crop! From the creative pair that brought us the Roadworks series (with more than a million copies sold), Tractor will be a go-to read-aloud for little ones mesmerized by its sound words and bold, graphic sights.---from the publisher

32 pages                                          978-1536225044                                     Ages 2-5

Keywords:  tractors, vehicles, farm machinery, farm life, how things work, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old


Ahhhhhh....the wonder of the garbage truck!  Isn't it amazing how many of our young ones look at the garbage truck with those big eyes that see superheroes and power and all things astonishing?

This book brings those same young truck followers to the world of the farm.  These same kids are the ones who know the names of all the dinosaurs and happily correct you if you misname and/or mispronounce any syllable.  They are awesome young folks in search of mastery of their world and excited to discover and connect with all things powerful.

And so.... here is an entirely new world of vehicles to name and conquer and stare at in amazement.  The parents will probably learn something too.  You know how you drive along through miles of farmland and especially in the spring and autumn you get lucky enough to see the farm machinery in action?  All those machines some of us lump into the "tractor" category are actually very specialized pieces of machinery.

This wonderful adventure that takes us out into the farmland and the world of farmers will introduce each piece of equipment with its name - essential for those dinosaur namers - and explains the job the machine is doing.  By the time you're done reading this book (again and again most likely) you can create a new family game - as you drive along in your car you get points for being the first to call out the correct name of that piece of machinery in the field you are passing by.

A great way to show children what it takes to get the food grown and the store and on to their dinner table.

Gorgeous colors and a harvest of new vocabulary words make this one a sure hit.

Also in this series: Demolition; Construction; Wheels; Dig Dump and Roll; Roadwork

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge

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