Four Reader Personality Types ….which one are you?

Not sure which one of the four Reader Personality Types  (Team Player, Jokester, Champion, or Investigator) you most identify with? Take a brief assessment and find out.

Click on either the Basic or the Advanced “Find Your Reader Personality Type” below and answer the ten questions.  When you are finished, you can find your own reader personality type.   Then, you can search for books by your reader personality type.

Does this mean you can only read one type of book?  No way.  This means you might want to start looking in the books that are written for your type of reader and you might find some really good ones there.  You can read any reader type book.  If you see something that looks good, then that’s the one to choose!


Team Player

The Team Player

Team Players are all about belonging.  They like to read about being on the team whether it’s playing a sport or working together as spies.  Stories about friendship, what’s going on at school or an action/adventure story work for them.  They enjoy rooting for the characters and getting to know them as they fight to defend the rules that make the world a good place.

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The Jokester

The Jokester

Jokesters love doing things and look for books that have a lot of action.  Funny books can make them readers for life.

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The Champion

Champions love a great quest.  They read with their hearts and care deeply for the characters in their stories.  Champions ask, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “How can I make the world a better place?”

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The Investigator

The Investigator

Investigators like to know facts and lots of information. They seek to understand how the world works and love gathering knowledge about big questions.

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