Read Around the World

Welcome to Read Around the World. Every one of us is a citizen of the entire planet so we are actually looking at the countries of our Earth neighbors when we spin the globe. This section of has been designed to make it easy for young readers to explore a different neck of the woods through books whether picture book, middle reader or young adult titles. Our hope is that by reading stories from these countries, all children will see the connections between us and the many similarities between us. Through this knowledge hopefully will come acceptance and friendship.

We wish you wonderful journeys!


Click a country to explore books related to that country! Also, check out our Award Winners page to find award-winning book lists from various countries and cultures.

How To Use The Read Around The World Map

In this short video from her Finding Diverse Books webinar, Instructor Beatrice K. shows you how to use the Read Around The World interactive map to find books related to specific countries. 

(You can check out the full webinar here if you’re interested.)