Finding Diverse Books Webinar

Prepared by: Beatrice K., San José State University

Now more than ever, people are interesting in finding books that depict diverse characters and cultures from around the world. And in this excellent series of videos, educators can learn how to use the various tools on to help students find books that celebrate diversity. From Advanced Search to Read Around The World, these videos can help you explore new worlds and new ideas. Enjoy! 

NEW! Check out the follow-up webinar series “Finding More Diverse Books” by Michio W! 


Finding Diverse Books (Full Version)

This video is an overview of all of the tools available on that can help you find diverse books.

Advanced Search Tools

This video defines what Advanced Search is, what it does, and how to use it effectively to find books that celebrate diversity. 

Read Around The World Map

If you haven’t seen it yet, our Read Around The World interactive map is a great way to find books related to specific countries. 

Diversity Quick Links

Did you know that our site has a set of quick-links that can help you find books from various cultures?