Books Alive!

From 2006 until 2014, Barb interviewed dozens of famous authors and scientists as the host of her cable TV show, Books Alive! in partnership with the Howard County Public School System in Howard County,  Maryland.   The Books Alive! interviews offer unique glimpses into the minds and lives of some of the most respected and iconic childrens’ book authors as well as one of America’s female astronauts and a renowned astrophysicist.

Books Alive! with Alex London

Talented and hilarious writer of the Accidental Adventures series, the historically based Dog Tag series and his latest sci-fi thriller, Proxy.

Books Alive! with Patricia Polacco

One of America's foremost storytellers, Patricia Polacco is beloved for her stories of generations of family and her autobiographical tales of her struggle with her own dyslexia.  Classic favorites are The Keeping Quilt,...

Books Alive! with Kadir Nelson

One of the most gifted and sensitive African American illustrators of children's books.  He has written and illustrated books on African American history as well as some gorgeous biographies.

Books Alive! with Sharon Draper

Sharon Draper is the award winning author of her powerful books for teens that take on all the tough issues: slavery, teen pregnancy, teen drunk driving, child abuse and more. Her book Copper Sun is the wrenching story of a...

Books Alive! with Richard Egielski & Al Yorinks

These two masters of the picture book have teamed up over the years to create sophisticated, entertaining, humorous and thoughtful books for kids. Richard Egielski is a genius at using the space on the page to inform and...

Books Alive! with Mary Cleave

Mary Cleave is one of America's female astronauts. Dr. Cleave went into space on two missions. Join us to hear her describe what it was like for her to become an astronaut, to go out into space, and how her time in space has...

Books Alive! with Marc Brown and Judy Sierra

Marc Brown is the author of the beloved Arthur books, and Judy Sierra has written many humorous great read aloud picture books to include Antarctic Antics and There's a Zoo in Room 22.