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To encourage a love of reading and to allow kids to read below, on and ahead of their given level, we have given our reading levels very broad definitions. Our goal is to find a book your child WANTS to read.

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Babies love to be read to. The books included at this level will have lots of pictures of babies, lots of concepts, will be board books or interactive lift the flap books. Show them the pictures and tell them the names of things so they can begin to build vocabulary.

Young Listeners (Ages 1–3)

These are books for 1’s and 2’s who may not be able to sit for a long picture book but would love something with a few words, some interesting pictures and maybe information about the world they live in. This category will also include interactive books with flaps to lift or cheerios to insert or something hidden on the page.

Early Readers (Ages 4-7)

These books are for children are learning to read. Usually 4, 5 or 6 years old. You may want to use the keyword “beginning reader” if you have a child who is just starting to figure out this “reading” thing.

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