Classroom Guide for Teachers & Librarians

Are you are an educator—such as a teacher or librarian? If so, you can sign your whole classroom up for an account on A Book And  A Hug! Here’s how to do it:

First of all, when you register for a new account, instead of a “first name,” give the name of your whole class (i.e. “Ms. Brown’s Class”):

The advantage of this approach is that all of your students can now write reviews with a single login, as opposed to having to create their own individual accounts. Also, it makes checking your students’ reviews much easier, since all the reviews they’ve written will be visible in one place on the “My Reviews” page:

Lastly, the credit for writing reviews will go to your entire class, which can encourage students to write more reviews so that their class can collectively pool their efforts to secure a “Top Reviewer” slot.

Want Faster Review Moderation? Contact Barb Directly

All Reviews submitted on our site have to be manually checked and approved by one of our website admins. This ensures that the content on our site stays safe, healthy, and appropriate for everyone. However, as you know, students these days are accustomed to immediate feedback, and tend to expect that the reviews that they post will be visible immediately. 

To remedy this, if you know what day your students will likely be writing reviews, you can simply contact me (Barb Langridge) directly. If available, I will ensure that a web admin will be on hand to moderate and approve Reviews as they come in. This “live approval” process can lead to much more excitement, especially if students know that their Reviews will be vetted by an actual human being!

Just use the form below:

Schedule A Moderator

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