Books Alive!

From 2006 until 2014, Barb interviewed dozens of famous authors and scientists as the host of her cable TV show, Books Alive! in partnership with the Howard County Public School System in Howard County,  Maryland.   The Books Alive! interviews offer unique glimpses into the minds and lives of some of the most respected and iconic childrens’ book authors as well as one of America’s female astronauts and a renowned astrophysicist.

Books Alive! with Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix is the bestselling author of the Hidden Children series and now her new series, THE MISSING. She writes science fiction, realistic fiction and fantasy for readers beginning as young as eight for...

Books Alive! with Ally Carter

Ally Carter writes the Gallagher Girls books aimed at girls 11-15. These girls are being trained as secret agents and have amazing talents and abilities. The one thing that really seems to challenge them is boys! Ally also...

Books Alive! with Tamora Pierce

With legions of fans trailing her, Tamora Pierce writes action adventure books with female protagonists. They're set in slightly fantastic and medieval feeling settings and spiced with magical creatures but the stories...

Books Alive! with Mo Willems

Mo Willems writes and illustrates the Elephant and Piggie early readers as well as his award winning Knufflebunny and Pigeon books. Great for kids ages 2-8.

Books Alive! with Marc Kurlansky

It's so important these days that we help our children become really responsible citizens of our planet... Marc Kurlansky has made this easy and fascinating!

Books Alive! with Fred Bowen

Fred Bowen writes a great series of books on sports and values using real life situations he has researched as a sports writer for the Washington Post. Writing for 8-11 year olds.

Books Alive! with T.A. Barron

Jaw-dropping imagery, heroism, journeys and wizards are the stuff of the books of T.A.Barron. His deep concern for the values of our children and his great love for our planet weave their way through every sparkling quest....

Books Alive! with Michael Scott

Ley lines and portals and incredible adventures all over the planet make this series an amazing, mind blowing fantasy favorite. Great for boys and girls ages 10-16. Adults love them too. (Original air date: April 2010)