Books Alive!

From 2006 until 2014, Barb interviewed dozens of famous authors and scientists as the host of her cable TV show, Books Alive! in partnership with the Howard County Public School System in Howard County,  Maryland.   The Books Alive! interviews offer unique glimpses into the minds and lives of some of the most respected and iconic childrens’ book authors as well as one of America’s female astronauts and a renowned astrophysicist.

Books Alive! with Matt de la Pena

Matt de la Pena is one of my favorite young adult writers. Matt gives our boys and young men a place to feel in his coming of age stories often set in the Latino community. His latest book, The Living, is a sic-fi action...

Books Alive! Patricia MacLachlan

Before there was Books Alive!, Barb had a show called Parent-Teacher Connection. In today's episode, Barb sits down with Patricia MacLachlan and we explore her amazing series Sarah Plain and Tall and her latest contributions...

Books Alive! with Ann Brashares

Bestselling author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and now with her latest book, Three Willows, she writes the journeys of teenaged girls as they struggle with self-image, boys, and their families. Beloved by middle...

Books Alive! with Susan Cooper

What a privilege to interview one of the greatest voices of our times. She wrote the THE DARK IS RISING series of five books and most recently the historical fiction novel, GHOST HAWK, set in Puritan America. (Original air...

Books Alive! with Debbie Dadey

Debbie Dadey is best known for her independent reader series: BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS. She has a new series THE KEYHOLDERS which is light fantasy for eight to eleven year olds. (Original air date: September 2009)

Books Alive! with Joan Bauer

Joan Bauer's Hope Was Here won her a Newbery Honor Award. Her other books for middle grade and young adult readers examine journeys and humor. Meet her strong female characters in Peeled, Rules of the Road, Best Foot...

Books Alive! with Chris d’Lacey

Chris D'Lacey writes tremendous fantasy with a science fiction twist for kids ages 9-15. Get ready to enter a world of dark matter, dark energy and plenty of dragons! (Original air date: September 2010)

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