Books Alive!

From 2006 until 2014, Barb interviewed dozens of famous authors and scientists as the host of her cable TV show, Books Alive! in partnership with the Howard County Public School System in Howard County,  Maryland.   The Books Alive! interviews offer unique glimpses into the minds and lives of some of the most respected and iconic childrens’ book authors as well as one of America’s female astronauts and a renowned astrophysicist.

Books Alive! with F. E. Higgins

Her Black Book of Secrets and The Bone Magician offer hints of magic and mystery along with their sense of adventure. Great for kids who enjoyed Harry Potter. Fifth grade and up.

Books Alive! with E. B. Lewis

The fabulous E. B. Lewis has illustrated some incredible picture books for children including a book that is in my top five: The Other Side. Prepare to be awed.

Books Alive! with David A. Carter

David A. Carter is the king of pop up books for young children. He explores the art of Alexander Calder in his series of paper sculpture books for children.

Books Alive! with Christopher Paolini

Just beginning a successful career as an author, Christopher Paolini has three powerhouse books to his credit: Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr. They are best selling fantasy adventures. Great for kids 9-14.

Books Alive! with Charles R. Smith

Charles R. Smith Jr. began as a photographer. He uses his skills to illustrate the powerful poems, "My People," and "If." He is also the author of several powerful poetry books, Hoop Kings and Hoop Queens, as well as the...

Books Alive! with Avi

Avi has written across the spectrum of genres for children from suspense thriller to his Newbery Award winning Crispin. He shares a bit of his boyhood and the source of his writing abilities.

Books Alive! with Mem Fox

The irrepressible Mem Fox joined me to talk about reading and kids. She is in a class by herself.