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Born November 25, 1953

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“The versatile author of more than 50 books, Stephen Krensky was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He describes his childhood as “happy and uneventful, with only the occasional bump in the night to keep me on my toes.” He had an active imagination, however, and made up stories in which he was the star, and usually a superhero, too. But he didn’t take creative writing seriously until he was 20 years old, an English Literature major at Hamilton College.

After his graduation in 1975, he was an intern for six months at the New York Times Book Review. He then turned to writing full-time, publishing his first book for children, A Big Day for Scepters, in 1977. Krensky writes everything from picture books to novels, fantasy to realism, fiction to nonfiction. “Being able to try so many different kinds of books has helped me stay enthusiastic about every book I write,” he explains.

Krensky lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, with his wife and their two sons. When he is not working away at his computer, he enjoys playing soccer and softball and reading books written by other people.”—from


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