Chaucer's First Winter

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Chaucer's First Winter

What if you had to miss winter? A little bear named Chaucer finds out from his friends, Kit and Nugget, that they will really miss him while he is gone. Gone where wonders Chaucer? Then he finds out that bears sleep all winter long. When Chaucer's parents settle down for a long winter's nap in the cave, Chaucer heads out to satisfy his curiosity. There are Kit and Nugget, a squirrel and a fox by the way, and the fun begins. Sliding down hills and snowball fights and getting to see the world "in a disguise" are all wonderful new adventures for this young bear. He builds a safe place for his friends when the snow comes again. Spring rolls in and his parents wake up. He can't wait to tell them all about winter. But, that has to wait because a certain young bear has fallen fast asleep in his parents' arms. A bit of adventure, a bit of friendship and a bit of bravery make this more than just the usual cute bear story.

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