Dinosaurs in Disguise


There comes a time in many a young life when it's all about dinosaurs.  This time is known to parents as the Dinosaur Book Era.  These are the years when library shelves hold treasure.  They have non-fiction books about the T-rex and astonishing stories about dinos that go to bed or fly through time.  In the Dinosaur Book Era there cannot be enough dinosaur books.  Every parent approaches their librarian and the library shelves with a mixture of hope and fear as they ask the question, "Are there any new dinosaur books today?"

Happily, a delightful new dinosaur treasure has been plucked from the cosmos and shelved in the Ks...K for Krensky for those who don't think in library terms.  The unbeatable team of Stephen Krensky's humor and Lynn Munsinger's zany imagination has delivered a beauty.

Our young narrator has news.  What if the dinosaurs didn't disappear?  What if the great asteroid hit didn't send them into extinction?  What if they've been hiding masterfully for all these centuries and are, in fact, miraculously all around us in camouflage?  What if the reason they don't appear is because we aren't taking good care of our planet?

Travel the world with this young sharp-eyed dinosaur lover and see if you can spot a dino or two in hiding and  seee if you can count all the ways the people are polluting the world as you go.

Guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of a Brontosaurus or two.  Hilarious, delightful.

32 pages            978-0544472716            Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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