Boy Meets Dog A Word Game Adventure

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Kids Can Press 2013
Language Arts Curriculum

Can a toy turn into a boy?  It can when you play a word game first invented by Lewis Carroll.  Take the word toy and change just one letter.  If you change the t to a b, then the word toy changes into the word boy.  But could a cat become a dog? Can a push become a pull?  Try it out for yourself.As you are masterfully changing all the words, you are actually unfolding a story.  With the turn of a letter a toy turns into a real boy.  Then a cat turns into a dog and together our newly minted characters head off into town for some adventure.In fact things get a little spooky when the light becomes night and the broom turns into a spook.  Run for it!!!  Dog and Boy take off as fast as they can to find a safe place.  Who knew that wordplay could change the world?

 978-1554538249  32 pages   Ages  5-8

Recommended by:  Barb

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