Finding Fire

Finding fire

Oh man...don't miss this one.

Prehistoric times...just how different were they?  Okay, so we begin with a problem.  This family has lost all of its fire.  Not a good thing. They need fire.  So someone is going to have to go find fire and bring it back...and the family is gathered together for a "family meeting" to decide who will go- a lot of finger pointing is involved here ...until...until... our hero raises his hand.  (Check out those family members - they are priceless.)

Yayyyyyyy........and so it begins...the adventure part...where our tousle-headed hero takes on the world.

Folks, this adventure and these illustrations are magnificent.  The danger lurks and the humor gallops along matching the challenges stride for stride.  Who is our hero?  What choices will he make?

Is there any fire out there to be found?  How do you capture fire and carry it back?  Can it be done?

This book restores my faith in children's publishing.  Seriously.... it has a magic deep inside that will entertain and challenge just about every reluctant reader.....

Welcome Logan S. Cline.  We hope you and your own family continue to inspire us book after book.  You have a triumph here.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Can a young boy find fire for his family—and bring it safely home? An exciting, nearly wordless picture book adventure as visually compelling as a Pixar short.

After a hard rain douses the family fire, a brave young boy sets out to search for more fire to bring home before the cold season sets in. Along the way, he’ll face many challenges, from perilous mountains to fearsome predators to raging rivers, and find something wholly unexpected: a friend. In his picture book debut, artist Logan S. Kline crafts a dramatic tale inspired by prehistoric times and told almost entirely through stunningly detailed illustrations.

“Finding Fire started with the sketch of a small boy holding a torch and grew from there,” he says. “A lot of research went into creating the art for this book, yet the look of the boy changed very little over time as he was inspired by my children, from my younger son's wiry frame to my elder son's wild hair that goes in a million different directions.” This gorgeous adventure story just begs to be visited again and again, with each perusal promising new discoveries.---from the publisher

40 pages 978-1536213027 Ages 4-8

Keywords: prehistoric times, action/adventure, family, courage, risk, friends, fire, helping others, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, wordless

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