Red Kayak

Red Kayak

It's a gray day in March, and the boys are waiting for the bus to take them to school.

Out in the water behind the house, they see a red kayak go by with the new neighbor lady and her young son inside. It's a windy day - not a day to be out in a kayak. The boys shake their heads and go off to school. Then the PA system comes on, and Brady is pulled out of class to go on a search and rescue mission. The kayak with the mom and little boy has gone missing. Armed with his dog and his phone, Brady heads out onto the water to try to help. He makes some progress and with the help of his dog, he sees something yellow over in the reeds.....and what he finds will eventually lead him to a place where he will have a difficult decision to make. What is the right thing to do? Ages 10 and up 220 pages

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