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Harper Collins

Esme and her grandfather go to the county auction and take a look at all the animals. Can we get a cow Esme wants to know? Nope, Not enough room for a Holstein. Together they take a look at all different kinds of animals and nothing seems right until they see a pen with a sign, "Free to a good home." It's a goat and not just any goat but a very special goat. Esme just has that feeling. So, they take the goat home and name her Trudy. Now, Trudy has a great life keeping an eye on everything around the place. Then, one day Trudy goes into her little house and then it snowed. About a week later, Trudy wasn't in her special place in the barnyard again and Grandfather says, "Looks like snow." Sure enough the snow comes. Turns out that Trudy is a regular old weather forecaster. Every time she decides to leave her yard and go into her goat house, the snow comes down. Tv crews arrive. Everyone is excited about this amazing goat. Then, one day Trudy goes into her house and the snow doesn't come. What's going on?

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