The Secret Cave

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The Secret Cave

Imagine yourself in France in 1940 as World War II has begun and you are a schoolboy playing war with friends in the hills. It's September 12 and you're out of school for a holiday. Along comes an older boy with a story to tell. His dog had "fallen into a deep hole" and he's sure there is treasure buried there. The boys squeeze in and slide down finding themselves landing in a damp, drippy, dark cave. This is a fictional story of what really happened when a group of young boys stumbled on the amazing prehistoric drawings on the walls of the Caves of Lascaux. It's a tale of adventure and it's the sort of thing that could happen to any boy lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. In this case it was Jacques, Jojo, Simon and Marcel who edged into the cave and stood awestruck looking at the incredible drawings left behind for thousands of years. It's an amazing adventure into a place where time stood still and left us with a glimpse of the life of prehistoric man. There's a wonderful sense of adventure and discovery here all laced with the feeling of something larger than life. 40 pages Ages 5-10

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