The Lucky Kind

The Lucky Kind

Nick Brandt realizes that his Upper West Side, New York City life is pretty good. He has a loving family, acceptable grades, a best friend, and most recently has worked up the nerve to ask out the girl of his dreams. So when he answers the phone with a mysterious caller on the other end, Nick is really taken by surprise and he envisions the worst.

However, he never imagines that it might mean a new older brother, given up for adoption by his dad and his high school girlfriend many years before. Nick is angry that his parents have kept such an important secret from him. Before he ruins his own friendships, Nick will have to learn how to deal with this anger. The Lucky Kind is recommended for those that love swimming around the brain of a high school teenager in the midst of confusion and turmoil. 205 pages Ages 14 and up

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, New York City Librarian

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