The Education of Hailey Kendrick

The Education of Hailey Kendrick

Ever since Hailey’s mom died when she was twelve, Hailey has been cautious and careful, the kind of person who weighs the risks and avoids doing anything she shouldn’t. Even when her dad ships her off to boarding school and finds excuses not to spend vacations alone with her, she still does her best to be the kind of daughter who will make him proud. All she wants for a graduation present is to spend the summer with her dad, and he’s promised that she can. But when he blows off their summer plans for a professional opportunity, Hailey goes a little crazy. And when she is identified, but her accomplice is not, Hailey takes the fall for both of them. Will Hailey’s punishment help teach her to live life instead of just observing it? Or will she crack under the pressure?

Recommended by Sarah Loch, Librarian Oklahoma


Hailey Kendrick appears to have a perfect life. Part of student government at Evesham, one of the finest boarding schools in the country, Hailey is popular with a rich, gorgeous, attentive boyfriend. She gets straight A’s and will be choosing which Ivy League school to attend following graduation. However, when you looker closer, it is clear that Hailey is about to crack. After a big argument with her father, Hailey sneaks outdoors to let off some steam and ends up doing something completely mischievous and uncharacteristic which lands her in serious trouble. All of the sudden Hailey’s perfect life seems to be falling apart with each new decision she makes. With her popularity status waning, Hailey must figure out who her true friends really are. This light and entertaining read will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen or Deb Caletti.

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, Librarian New Jersey

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