The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

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The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

Ten-year-old cousins, Jesse and Daisy are hiking in the mountains when Jesse finds a very special rock that Uncle Joe calls a thunder egg. When they try to crack it open, it's so hard it breaks the strongest, sharpest blade Uncle Joe has in his shop. Jesse puts the thunder egg in is sock drawer with a feeling there is something special about it, something almost magical. Indeed there is because the next time he peeks in that drawer the egg is not an egg-it's a baby dragon. Now that's enough excitement right there, but it turns out there is a scientist in the area who has lost his lizard-or so he says. The tension builds and the resourceful cousins are determined to guard this very magical gift they have named Emmy. Give her back to this stinky-breathed guy? Dragon piddle. Great adventure and early fantasy for younger readers. 163 pages Ages 7-10

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