The Dog Who Cried Wolf

The Dog Who Cried Wolf

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Putnam 2005

Once there was a little girl named Michelle who had a dog named Moka. Michelle loved to play with Moka. She even read him stories and one day she read him a story about a wolf. "Look , Moka," she said to him. "You're kind of like a wolf." Well, the more Moka thought about it the more he realized that he was like a wolf and suddenly the life of the wolf seemed much better than his own boring life. Moka decided to run away into the hills to live the life of a wolf. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side and high up on the hilltop, Moka lifts his snout and his voice to the moon and howls...and much to his surprise, real wolves howl back...and it's really scary and Moka realizes where the good life really is. Ages 5-9 32 pages

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