The Curse of The Romany Wolves (Penhaligon Brush)

The Curse of The Romany Wolves  (Penhaligon Brush)

Although a sequel to “The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush,” this novel will stand on its own for readers who enjoy a good adventure story. Penhaligon, the adventure-loving wolf/fox mix has settled down to life as an apothecary in Porthleven, with his fox sweetheart Rowan, and their two adopted wolf cubs, Donald and Dora. While he enjoys his quiet life, he has some moments of longing for adventure. His wish comes to pass in an unfortunate fashion, when his adopted cub Donald becomes ill with Wolf Fever, a disease responsible for wiping out Donald and Dora’s entire wolf pack, including Penhaligon’s own father, Menhenin.

Desperate for a cure, Penhaligon finds hope in a formula from Menhenin’s old books, but one of the ingredients can be found only on Howling Island, an island believed to be inhabited by fearsome ghostly creatures. Penhaligon immediately sets sail, with a dubious feline captain, Elgato Furarri, to collect the needed herbs, only to find that Dora, frightened for her brother, has stowed away as well. Once underway, Penhaligon must deal with pirates, storms at sea, a misunderstood sea serpent, and the mysterious denizens of Howling Island.

Meanwhile, back in Porthleven, Rowan must deal with rising panic as the disease, which formerly affected only wolves, appears to have jumped the species barrier, and is striking down the young ones of all the residents. Fast action, narrow escapes, and adventurous happenings abound, while short chapters move the plot along swiftly. Frequent pen and ink sketches add charm and clarity to the text, This book will certainly appeal to readers of the previous book, as well as adding new fans to the series. 304 pages Ages 9-12

Recommended by Linda Lucke, Librarian.

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