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Spine tingling?  Creepy?  Terrifying?  Unsettling?  Aaiiieeeeee? Just how much can you take?

Do you love horror movies?  Does a the racing of a roller coaster thrill you?  Your guides, Agent Jeeper the G-Man and Ethel the E.T. are about to take you on a tour of the macabre, the creepy, and the terrifying.  If this is your happy place, read on.

Beginning with vampires  we explore the land of Transylvania, inventory a vampire killing set and study the cases of vampires being dug up from the grave and discovered with fresh blood trickling from their mouths after a villager has been attacked.  Did they rise from the grave for one more tasty meal?

Werewolves, cryptic creatures like Sasquatch and Bigfoot, witchcraft and wizardry, ghosts, aliens, and poltergeists round out this little stroll through the dark and frightening world of the dark side.  You'll finish this book knowing what an EMF Detector is used for and why you might need an IR thermometer.  Your guides will offer you Creepy Case Files to consider.  Are they real or did someone fake them?

Which creature is the creepiest?  Which one will give you a nightmare?  Packed with the spine-tingling, the creepy and the terrifying, this one may send you reaching for your own Ouija board to see what you can discover in your own living room.

978-1426313660  Ages  10-14   176 pages

Slightly recommended by:  Barb  (this is not my kind of book)

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