Struck By Lightning

Struck By Lightning

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Little Brown and Company 2012

Carson Phillips, high school senior, is pretty much a bottom feeder at his high school. His parents are separated and headed for divorce. His mom is on a daily high from some illegal substance and even though he's editor of the school paper, he's the only person who has the brain cells to write any journalistic prose.

Life is tough and it gets even tougher when Carson decides he needs to add editor of the high school literary magazine to his resume to get in to Northwestern University. How can he convince the school creme de la creme to contribute their literary masterpieces to his newly minted magazine? How about by blackmail. Turns out everyone has a little something they don't want shared with the universe.

Carson is a kid with a mouth. He's sarcastic twenty-four seven and doesn't know how to stop himself even pulling his Journalism float across the football stadium dressed as a pencil to absolutely no applause. There is plenty of bad language to go around and homosexuality, underage sex and half naked photos online to keep things hopping.

This is Diary of a Wimpy Kid on steroids and raunchiness run wild. Humorous and fast paced with plenty of unexpected twists in the student body. Perfect for kids who grew up loving Captain Underpants and are looking for the high school version.

Read alike for Don Calume's SWIM THE FLY or EARL and the DYING GIRL by Jesse Andrews

258 pages Ages 14 and up (Language and sexuality) 978-0316232951

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