Find Your Reader Personality Type (Advanced) – Self-Scored

While most of our visitors prefer the standard online assessment, we also recognize that there are cases where the old-fashioned pen and paper version works best. To this end, below is the full text of the Reader Personality Type (Advanced).

This allows anyone to see all of the options at a glance, and score the quiz themselves. This also allows teachers and librarians to administer the assessment offline, or in contexts where online access is limited.

1.Choose the word that best connects to you or describes you the best.

  1. Realist (You are not a fan of fantasy stories.)
  2. Imaginative (You create new ideas and possibilities other people haven’t considered.)
  3. Spontaneous (You like to have fun without making plans, just do things as the inspiration or idea comes to you.)
  4. Visionary (You can understand why doing something today will help in the future. You usually can see the reason something is important to learn now and will be useful in the future.)

2.Choose the word that best connects to you or describes you the best.

  1. Sensible (You like knowing the rules for doing things.)
  2. Passionate (You care deeply about ideas and how they might affect others.)
  3. Troubleshooter (You like to fix things and play with a problem.)
  4. Competent (You want things done the right way.)

3.Choose the word that best connects to you or describes you the best.

  1. Traditionalist (You like things to remain the same: Your holiday dinner must always have the same menu – no changing from pumpkin pie!)
  2. Harmony seeker (You see deeply into who people are and who they can become. You want people to be happy and living in a way that brings them peace and happiness. You want people to be able to “find themselves.”)
  3. Doer (You are always in motion. You have a hard time sitting still. You always want to be doing something.)
  4. Proof needed person (You ask why and don’t take someone else’s word for it. You are always asking “why?” You always need an explanation.)

4.Which sentence best describes you?

  1. I am down-to-earth.
  2. I want to make the world a better place.
  3. I want the freedom to do something without rules.
  4. I’ll believe it when I’ve tested it or seen it myself. I can’t just take someone else’s word for it.

5.Which sentence best describes you?

  1. I like rules. I want everyone to follow the rules. It makes for a more orderly and sensible life.
  2. It’s important to be your genuine self. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.
  3. Live for the moment! Grab that tub of ice cream and a spoon and go for it!
  4. I want to find the right way, the best way to do it.

6.Choose the word that describes/connects to you best.

  1. Practical (You like things in order, organized, and done as they should be.)
  2. Inspiring (You understand how to reach people deeply to inspire them to follow their dreams.)
  3. Impulsive (You don’t like rules and want the freedom to do things your way. You want to act on things at the moment that the event happens.)
  4. Capable (You want to master an understanding of all objects, ideas, and events. You are concerned about why things turn out the way they do.

7.Choose the phrase that describes/connects to you best.

  1. Detail oriented (You notice the little things. You like to plan things out. You make lists.)
  2. Possibility seer (You see the potential in ideas and people – what might be but isn’t there yet.)
  3. Puzzle solver (You love to take something apart and play with or fix it.)
  4. Big picture person (You see how things are connected and what they will or might become down the road.

8.Would you rather. . .

  1. belong to a club, organization, or a team?
  2. search for the meaning of life?
  3. just do something/work with your hands (draw something, fix something, build something)?
  4. discuss the reasons something happened, such as the reasons behind wars or why Adolf Hitler was able to rise to power?

9.Would you rather. . .

  1. follow directions carefully doing each step in its proper order as you are supposed to do things?
  2. go on a quest?
  3. go fast, take a chance, figure out how to put something together without instructions, “wing it”?
  4. argue a theory or idea?

10.If you had to choose one book to read every day for the rest of your life, it would be. . .

  1. about sports, families, or animals.
  2. a book about people who are finding their true selves and striving to bring goodness to the world.
  3. really funny or really scary.
  4. a book that would teach you something, inform you about how a country governs itself, how a detective solved a case, how a great person thought about the problems she or he faced.

Dnswer Key

The assessment is very easy to score—simply count up how many you answered of of each letter (A, B, C, or D).

If most of your answers were “A,” then your reading personality type is the Team Player. Team Players are all about the heart. They care deeply for others and have great empathy for the characters they read about. (Learn More)

If most of your answers were “B,” then your reading personality type is The Champion“Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “How can I make the world a better place?” These are the kinds of questions a Champion is likely to ask. (Learn More)

If most of your answers were “C,” then your reading personality type is The Jokester. Jokesters aren’t all silliness and humor. They love doing things, and look for books that feed their appetite for experiences. (Learn More)

If most of your answers were “D,” then your reading personality type is The Investigator. Investigators like facts and information. They seek to understand and love gathering knowledge about big questions. (Learn More)


What if there is a tie?

You’re not alone—many of us don’t fit into a single Reader Personality Type. You have even have one primary type and several secondary types. The important thing is to realize that everyone is different, and not everyone fits into the same box. These Reader Types are simply a quick and easy way to help you find books that you will love.

We wish you happy journeys in all your reading adventures!