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The Jokester
The Jokester
The Jokester
The Jokester

Troubleshooter, Artist, Thrillseeker, Experiencer

“Hey, I want to try that!”   Jokesters love doing things, and look for books that feed their appetite for experiences. Often highly visual, they enjoy graphic novels and chapter books with illustrations. Intensity is their middle name and they want a book with quick pacing. Reading needs to connect to their love of doing.   Books that shout irreverent, outrageous, and silly are in their reading contract.

Some enjoy the terrifying, others want humor or non-fiction about emergency vehicles, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes. Show them the books that take something apart and put it back together or give them a book that requires you to pull, turn or push and they are happy.

Humor is huge for Jokesters.  Silliness works for the younger readers. They enjoy learning about concrete things they can mentally explore through their five senses. What does it smell like? How does it walk? How does it work?  A book about an animal, i.e. a sheep, a goose, a moose, an eagle and so one will satisfy many younger Jokester readers as they enjoy learning about their world through focused exploration of something concrete.

Toddler Jokesters need a book where they turn a wheel, lift a flap, press something or look for something. As they grow into preschool and kindergarten years, it’s essential that their books be funny, be filled bathroom humor, be irreverent, colorful, and maybe even look like something you would see on television or in a computer game as far as color and style.

Other versions of this reader look for concrete how-to books, books that give you solid facts about animals, and series that keep the same characters so they only have to meet them once.

More than any other, this is the group most often labeled reluctant readers. They will read if we give them the books that mirror who they are on the inside…just like everybody else. It may be technical manuals by the time they hit their teens or something on the dark side like criminal forensics.  They want to see it in their minds, figure out how it works and they want it to do something really entertaining in a visceral way.

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