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  • Promises to Keep How Jackie Robinson Changed America

Promises to Keep How Jackie Robinson Changed America

Promises to Keep   How Jackie Robinson Changed America

What was it like to be an African American family when Jackie Robinson was born? Who were the strong African American activists who were working to make America a land of equality for all? Jackie Robinson's mother, Mallie, took a risk and moved her family of five children to Pasadena, California, leaving behind the=2 0prejudice of the South and determined to make a better life for all. She held strong to her faith in God, her sterling values and her willingness to work for better things. All of these gifts she passed along to her children and they helped make her very gifted son able to withstand the harsh challenges of being the first African American baseball player in the major leagues. The books are a lesson in history and in character. Why was Jackie Robinson chosen to be the first African-American on a major league baseball team? What was it about him that made him the right man for that role? What was it like for Jackie when he played around the country? Great story about choosing to conduct oneself with dignity and honor against all odds.

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