Ashley doesn’t care about going to the prom. She cares about T.J. and about moving into an apartment with him. Her friends, however, especially Nat, are dreaming about the prom and when it turns out that a math teacher has stolen all the prom funds, Nat steps up to make the prom happen and drags Ashley along with her. Suddenly Ashley is involved in choosing the prom favors, soliciting the mall stores for napkins and all the other details that make a prom. Then, just as suddenly, Ashley finds out she won’t be allowed in to the prom. This time Laurie Halse Anderson chose to write about the average kids out there who go unrecognized in the world of young adult literature. This book is a wonderfully light and entertaining look at high school with a sprinkle of the warts left in.

220 pages

978-0142405703 Ages 12 and up

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


Philadelphia high school who doesn’t care about the prom. It’s pretty much the only good thing that happens there, and everyone plans to make the most of it—especially Ash’s best friend, Natalia, who’s the head of the committee and has prom stars in her eyes. Then the faculty advisor is busted for taking the prom money and Ash finds herself roped into putting together a gala dance. But she has plenty of help—from her large and loving (if exasperating!) family, from Nat’s eccentric grandmother, from the principal, from her fellow classmates. And in making the prom happen, Ash learns some surprising things about making her life happen, too.---from the publisher

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