Mr. Terupt Falls Again

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Mr. Terupt Falls Again

Fifth graders in Mr. Terupt’s class are excited to loop to sixth grade with their exceptional teacher. In this sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt, seven students tell the story of their last year in elementary school. Mr. Terupt continues to engage his students in non-conventional ways. Challenging class projects aren’t the only obstacles awaiting them in sixth grade as students begin to mature, discover the opposite sex and attempt to understand mysterious dynamics within their own families. A special class project promises a fairy tale ending to the year. Author Rob Buyea demonstrates an excellent understanding of preteens in both books featuring Mr. Terupt.

360 pages Ages 10-13 978-0385742054

Recommended by: Beth Yankey, Librarian, Virginia USA

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it was a great book. I loved everything that happens in this book. especially when they fall in love!! uhh yeah soo what popin my logang uh yeah
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(Updated: February 08, 2013)
amazing and touchy this story is romantic (in a kid way) and is really fun
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