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Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee

As soon as you see that name, Mr. Magee, you know you're in for some kind of shenanigans and you are right. Mr. Magee wakes up one morning at 6:53 and decides to learn to ski on this beautiful snowy day. Gathering his dog and his skis, he tromps up the mountain side and prepares to take the plunge. He doesn't know how to ski but he believes all will be well and it would have been if a moose hadn't decided to go in search of some Great Northern Birch sticks. Illustrated in a cartoonish style, this book is a real hoot. The moose is as stunned as Magee when a crash appears imminent and the delightful twist as Magee ends up upside down in a ravine with the moose using his skis as a bridge will send plenty of young listeners or young readers off into laugh land. This is a great read aloud or a wonderful book to hand to an independent reader who wants his/her book to be FUN. This IS FUN!   Ages 4-8

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