Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane

Last Apprentice:  Curse of the Bane

Less than six months have passed since Tom Ward became apprenticed as a Spook and in that time he has dealt with numerous agents of the dark. As the story begins, Mr. Gregory's estranged brother, a priest, has died after a vicious attack by a malevolent spirit. He and Tom travel to Priestown to attend the funeral and are caught up in the witch hunt of a corrupt official known as the Quisitor. But when an ancient enemy called the Bane is released in Priestown, it is up to Tom, Mr. Gregory and even the young witch Alice to bind it forever and save the town from its blood thirty influence. This second novel in the series deals with some complex issues but at its heart is the nature of good and evil ("The ways of the world are strange... Because of Alice and her pact with the Bane, the Spook had been saved"). Can Tom muster enough strength to defeat his ancient foe? And will it cost him his life or something far more precious? Similar to the first novel, Curse of the Bane is an action packed page turner, with enough horror and suspense to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Submitted by J.R.S.

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