Killer Ants

Killer Ants

The army is on the move and nothing can stand in its way! We're talking about army ants. The illustrations lead you into the carefully organized world of ants among the flowers and creatures all around us. Where do army ants live? What do they eat? Are all ants created equal? Would a jaguar fear army ants? From an ant's eye view we learn about their homes actually called bivouacs which the army ants create from their own bodies. They can move camp from place to place when they need to. Scouts head out from the bivouac in search of food, leaving a chemical trail along the way for others to follow. We see the design of the nest and watch the cooperation in the ant community. The pictures are gently, richly done in a larger than life size to bring us directly into the ant world and we sense the threat they present without being overwhelmed. Ants are all around us and they belong to the system of the Earth's living creatures. They make their contributions and they present us with challenges. This is a nicely balanced, fascinating look at this tiny, hard-working and well-armed member of our community. 29 pages


"Army ants are so ferocious people call them kings of the jungle." Whoa, I thought the lions were in charge. But, after you read this book you'll have a whole new appreciation for the power of the Army ant. How many kinds of ants are there? How do they attack?Would they eat us? Can they hurt us? The book begins with a mysterious army on the move headed to a camp where animals are trapped in cages awaiting transport to the zoo. Will the guard wake up in time to see the army before he and the camp are overrun? What can he do to stop them? Do I need to tell you that all the worker ants in the colony are female. Sigh. How would a fire ant attack? Have you ever heard of a bulldog ant? This book is beautifully illustrated and tackles information with a sense of danger and adventure. It's perfect for kids who love to learn more about their world and particularly want to experience danger from the safety of the living room couch. Not to say it wouldn't be good for those young'uns destined for bungee jumping as well.

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