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  • Heck: Rapacia (The Second Circle of Heck)

Heck: Rapacia (The Second Circle of Heck)

Heck:  Rapacia (The Second Circle of Heck)

Ah, the Second Circle of Heck. This is where the greedy kids go and Marlo has been sent there to be tortured by all the shopping she could want but will never be able to reach at Mallvana. Milton has some problems of his own. The hilarious fun continues.
Picking up where Heck left off, Rapacia brings brother and sister Milton and Marlo Fauster back in very different circumstances. Having escaped from Heck, Milton is now back among the living and desperate to prove that his previous experiences were real and not some form of delusion. Racked with guilt over the loss of his sister, Milton will go to great lengths to prove the otherworldly boarding school exists. Meanwhile, Marlo has been taken to the second circle of Heck, Rapacia, where greedy children are sent to hone their skills and learn all there is to know about consumerism and avarice. Greeted by the semi-animated, metal automaton, The Grabbit, that speaks in rhyme, Marlo and her classmates learn there is more to greed than spending money or committing theft. With such teachers as Poker Alice, Marm Mandelbaum, and the Pirate Grace O'Malley, Marlo begins to feel that she finally finds a place she fits in. After besting her teacher in a poker match, Marlo earns the right to take the class on a field trip to the mall to end all malls, Mallvana. There, she demonstrates her special skill... shoplifting. Apparently, her success does not go unnoticed and the Grabbit taps her and another student for an opportunity of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Milton is on a collision course with fate that will lead him back to the very place he escaped from not so long ago. Tongue-in-cheek references and guest appearances from historical figures make this next installment in the series one not to miss.
Editor's note: Please note that the content becomes a bit more mature in these later additions to the series.
Recommended by Jamequa Summeral, Librarian.

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