Happy Feet

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Happy Feet

Jumpin and jivin and swingin and movin to the music and it's all happening on March 12, 1926 at The Savoy so the story goes. Sitting in his Pop's Shoeshine Shop, young Happy Feet is listening again to the story of that magical night, the night he was born, when the best of the best, salt and pepper, cats and chicks, were gathering to open The Savoy. The night came alive with big names and dance styles that were in their infancy just as Happy Feet was appearing for the very first time as his mother found her rhythm, birthed him into his father's arms and across the street the music rang true and the feet danced up a storm. Told in a dialect true to the era, this book comes alive in the hands of the gifted E.B. Lewis as he transports us back in time and evokes the magic and the rhythm of the night. Characters come into the shop and slap skin then head across the street to spin. It's that kind of a night and it's that kind of a swinging book singing of a time when everyone was equal on the dance floor. 32 pages Ages 7-10

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