Going Places


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Atheneum Book for Young Readers March 2014

It's here at last!  It's finally time for the Going Places Contest and Rafael has been waiting and waiting for his chance to build a go-cart, race it and WIN!!!  His hand is the first one up when his teacher asks, "Who would like the first kit?"

Every student will receive an identical go--cart building kit.  They'll all have a chance to put it together using the precise instructions.  Rafael is very good at following directions.  As he's carefully putting his kit together working hard to make it look exactly like the one in the picture, Rafael begins to wonder how his neighbor, Maya, is doing with putting together her kit.

Peering over the fence, Rafael discovers  Maya hasn't really begun.  She is sitting in her backyard intently watching a bird and making a sketch of it. She doesn't even notice Rafael.

So, what is doing it right?  Is it building a go-cart just like the one in the picture?  Is it making yours look just exactly like everyone else's?  Or could it possibly be the one you build when you use your own imagination and follow your own idea of what a go-kart could be?

Everyone is going places.  Some will follow the straight and narrow and some will soar in an invention all their own.

The thrill of going out of the lines, using your own imagination and flying beyond your wildest dreams beckons.

978-1442466081  40 pages  Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb, abookandahug.com

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