Franklin's Big Dreams

Franklin's Big Dreams

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Hyperion, August 10, 2010

Sometimes you find a book that stretches your imagination and brings you closer to something you never, ever knew or imagined before and those are the very best! Franklin is lying in bed one night when he hears a sound on his wall. The sound turns out to be a man with a plan who is building a train track through Franklin's room. As Franklin and his curious dog watch, an enormous, larger than life train comes shooting down the track and as it passes Franklin catches glimpses of people he knows and one very special person who looks hauntingly familiar. Franklin falls asleep as things quiet down and he dreams he is "rushing through moonlight" and taking his own ride. A week later, there is another noise and this time an airliner bathed in a bright light comes roaring through. There in the back window is that familiar looking silhouette this time with a cowlick that requires a second glance. Franklin flies in his dreams and then on a Thursday night, an ocean liner cruises through. Franklin solves the mystery and takes off into his wildest dreams. This is a powerful, imaginative story that can reach into the minds and dreams of us all. If you can dream it, you can do it! Go for it! 40 pages Ages 5-9

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