Frank Asch

Born  August 6, 1946


Author bio:

“For over 30 years, Frank Asch has been writing and illustrating children’s books, poetry, concept books, juvenile nonfiction, and children’s novels. “People always ask me, how do you get ideas?” Asch says. “I keep giving them different answers because the true answer is, I don’t know, which is another way of saying ‘ideas come from the unconscious.’ But there are two main ways that I, personally, have of tapping into the part of my unconscious that supplies me with kid book ideas:
Number 1: My inner child (the kid that I was that I still am), and
Number 2: Playing with kids.”

Frank Asch was born on August 6, 1946, in Somerville, NJ. He has an older brother and sister. In 1969 he graduated from Cooper Union in New York City with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. Since then he has taught in both the United States and abroad. He has also organized art, writing, puppetry, and creative dramatics workshops for children all over the country.

In l989, Frank Asch and Vladimir Vagin (a Russian artist) published Here Comes the Cat! This was the first Russian/American collaboration on a children’s book, and has since received the Russian National Book Award. Mr. Asch also joined forces with naturalist and photographer Ted Levin for a series of poetry books for children. In 1996, their first book, Sawgrass Poems, was named to the John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Young Readers. Like a Windy Day was released in fall 2002. It is the fourth (and last) book in the “element” book series that already includes The Earth and IWater, and The Sun Is My Favorite Star.

Asch lives in Middletown Springs, Vermont, with his wife, Jan, and their faithful dog, Robi. They have one son, Devin, who was born in 1979. Devin made his picture-book debut with the father/son collaboration, Baby Duck’s New Friend.”—from

“Author and illustrator of children’s books, 1968—. Teacher in a public grammar school in Gondia Maharastra, India, 1972, and in a Montessori school in Edison, NJ, 1975.”—

“Frank Asch was born and raised in rural New Jersey. His earliest interests were in science, specifically physics and astronomy, yet by the time he entered college he was determined to pursue a career in the Arts. Even before graduating from The Cooper Union with a degree in Fine Art, he published his first children’s book, George’s Store in 1968.

Since then he has written over 70 children’s books, including Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius, the IRA Children’s Choice Award-winning Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse and its follow-up, Mrs. Marlowe’s Mice.

He has traveled widely, married and raised a son who has also pursued writing and illustrating as a career. Mr. Asch currently divides his time between Vermont and Hawaii.”–


Books by Frank Asch:

Here Comes the Cat

The Sun Is My Favorite Star

Moon Bear



Happy Birthday Moon


Moonbear’s Bargain

Moonbear’s Sunrise

Moonbear’s Skyfire

Moonbear’s Pet

Moonbear’s Dream

Moonbear’s Shadow

Good Night Baby Bear

The Earth And I (Rise and Shine)

Happy Birthday Big Bad Wolf

Like a Windy Day

The  Lending Zoo

Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse

Gravity Buster

Star Jumper

Time Twister

Just Like Daddy

Milk and Cookies


Sand Cake

Bread and Honey

Turtle Tale

Water (Rise and Shine)


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