Goodbye House (A Moonbear Book)


As an Army wife, moving my children from continent to continent, I always took time to say goodbye to the house where we lived as we left. I would walk with my children from room to room and say, "Goodbye Dining Room where we had our Thanksgiving" or Goodbye bedroom where we played house," or whatever was the special thing we were moving away from about that particular room. I always felt we were claiming our memories and our family and getting a sense that we always have all of that as we depart for the next place.

In this wonderful book about moving, a little bear and his family are getting ready to move to a new house and THEY go back inside to share the memories of each room together. It worked for us and it may work for you too.

Moving is a BIG DEAL even if you're two. It's change and it's nice to share it with someone else and to get the feeling that someone else understands your loss, your upset and that your sense of the world is turning upside down for a bit.

32 pages 9780671679279 Ages 3-7

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


As the moving van waits outside, Bear says goodbye to each room in the empty house. What he learns is that it's never goodbye forever for we carry our memories with us.---from the publisher

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