Happy Birthday Big Bad Wolf

Happy Birthday Big Bad Wolf

The Pig family's quiet afternoon is interrupted by a knock
at the door. A quick glance out the
window confirms their worst fears: the Big Bad Wolf is outside! The family hides behind the sofa, but Little Pig (recalling his grandfather's surprise party) thinks it's the Wolf's
birthday. So, when the Big Bad Wolf storms into the house, he is greeted by the little fellow's shout of
"Surprise!" Poppa and Momma have no choice but to play along, while devising plan to sneak out of the house after dark. The intruder is incredulous: "'Throw me a party?' said the Big Bad Wolf. 'No one ever threw me a party before!'"

The parents' plot to escape succeeds until the Wolf (who never looks scary to begin with) realizes that everyone is gone and, hurt that he is alone on his birthday, begins to cry.
That's too much for Little Pig: he runs back into the house, where the
family is forced to continue the party. By story's end, the Big Bad Wolf has made new friends, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Veteran author-illustrator Frank Asch, in this pleasant contribution to
the popular genre of fractured fairy tales, makes humorous references to the
original: "Then he huffed and he puffed and he not only blew out the
candles, he blew the candles right off the cake." Youngsters who like alternate tellings of classic tales will especially enjoy this story. Ages 4-7

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian


When the Big Bad Wolf comes the littlest pig has the idea to surprise him with a birthday party even though it isn’t his birthday. Wolf’s confusion gives the pig family time to plan an escape. Kindness pays off when Wolf discovers he likes the celebration even better than he likes pork.

Recommended by: Beth Yankey, Librarian

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