Clementine is one of those kids who just wants to be helpful. For instance, in art class, one day, she notices that her friend, Margaret, has been gone a long time. Clementine noticed that when Margaret asked to be excused, she left with a scrunched, trying-not-to-cry eyes. So, Clementine asks to be excused, too. She finds Margaret huddled under the sink with a chunk of long brown hair next to her. Margaret, who is pretty perfect, had gotten glue in her hair. Well, Clementine wants to help so she snips another section. You know, to even it up. But, that's when the Art Teacher walks in and Clementine is walked to the PrinciPAL's office. All I can tell you is Clem spends a lot of time in her PAL's office and you will spend a lot of time laughing. Clementine could be the Ramona for the new millenium! Submitted by M.G.

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