City Dog, Country Frog

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City Dog, Country Frog

Okay I admit it. They had me from the cover on this one. We begin with spring and wide open spaces and the fabulous freedom of a dog who can run "as far and as fast as he could." Does life get any better? Yes, it does because this dog, who is open to all of life's opportunities and pleasure, is looking for a new friend and he finds one. Face to face with a pretty spunky looking frog, City Dog asks, "What are you doing?" So, a beautiful friendship begins. They take turns teaching their new friend what they love to do and the pictures are simple but warm and you feel like you're the third friend joining in the moment. Summer comes and Country Frog is about to learn all of City Dog's games. Oh, the picture of the frogholding a leaf over his dog friend's head is guaranteed to make you melt. Fall comes and frog is too tired to play so they play remembering games. Are you getting the warmth and the connection and the absolute joy of this friendship and this book? When winter comes, City Dog goes to wait for his friend on his rock. Get your tissue now. But, there are cycles to life and remember, this dog is open to all of life's opportunities and pleasure. This is one of the best friendship books I have ever had the joy of reading. 58 pages Ages 4-7

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