Bones and the Math Test Mystery

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Bones and the Math Test Mystery

You've already heard of Bond, James Bond, right? Well, now meet Bones, Jeffrey Bones. He's a detective who solves mysteries and he's learning to write the letter "J" in school which in case you didn't notice, is the first letter in his name! Jeffrey is really good at solving mysteries by using the tools in his detective bag and by using some deductive reasoning for good measure. But Jeffrey is not so good at solving math tests. Today, his teacher, Mr. Gale, is giving them a math test and Jeffrey just stares at the problems wondering why they're so easy for everyone else around him in the classroom. He's the last one to turn in his paper. After lunch Mr. Gale hands a math test back to everyone except Jeffrey. Mr. Gale says he can't find Jeffrey's test. Ahhh, it's a mystery. What happened to Jeffrey's test? This is a problem for Bones, Jeffrey Bones. 32 pages Ages 4-8

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