Bink & Gollie

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Bink & Gollie

One book, two good friends and three grand stories offer the gifts of warmth, humor and a keen insight into children. Bink and Gollie are very good friends though they are truly the long and short of it. They don't always agree on everything, they don't always want to be together, and they don't always feel secure about their place in each other's heart, but they are always open to possibilities and new adventures together. A new day dawns and Gollie has a "need for speed." So buckle the skates on and off they go to a sale on socks. Bink falls in love with a bright, bright, bright pair that Gollie cannot tolerate. A compromise is required. In the second story, Gollie is adventuring alone in the Andes behind the closed door to her room. Bink makes sandwiches and waits patiently for her friend to return "home." In the third story a small goldfish named Fred comes between the two friends, or at least Gollie fears that might be the case. The black and white illustrations become storytellers in their own right and lend a Seussical quality to the whole humorous romp. Ages 5-9 96 pages

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