Because of Thursday


Thursday is Annie's best day.  It's the day she was born and the day she won her first cooking contest.  It's the day she met Mario, the love of her life.  It's even the day both of her children were born.

Annie and Mario were happy making food every day to feed people at their diner.  Annie was known for her spectacular pasta dish - Poke Salad Annie.

Thursday was the day Mario said he didn't feel well.  Friday was the day they got the bad news.  Monday was the day Mario passed away.

Patricia Polacco celebrates the joy of being alive in each of her stories.  She gives us the chance to walk in someone else's shoes whether it's a brother or a child with dyslexia or a woman has to bear grief.  This story is about coming back after life deals you a big blow and takes away someone who you have built your life with and around.

Annie just wasn't the same after that until someone tucked a kitten behind her butterchurn and Annie fell in love again - this time with a cat she named Thursday.

With her rich, familiar voice Patricia Polacco delivers a rollicking tale of fleas, food, children, a few good mule kicks and a very special cat who knows a trick or two.  This is a warmly reassuring story about the importance of connecting with others and keeping one eye on the universe and its endless wonderful happy endings.

40 pages            978-1481421409           Ages 5-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


"From critically acclaimed author Patricia Polacco comes a heartwarming story about a girl named Annie, her lucky Thursdays, and a special cat who comes into her life just in time to make everything right.

Thursdays have always been lucky for Annie Fetlock. She was born on a Thursday. She won her first cooking contest at the age of eight on a Thursday. She met the love of her life, Mario, on a Thursday. They were married on a bright Thursday afternoon and their two children were both born on a Thursday. Annie is known far and wide for her Poke Pasta Salad and has the most popular restaurant for miles around.

When Mario suddenly passes away, Annie’s joy and love of cooking disappears. Before too long, a little kitty appears and Annie takes the kitty in, and, of course, calls it Thursday. Annie is back making Poke Salad in no time. Thursday the cat is known for amazing twirls and tricks and one day his twirls land him in Annie’s draining rigatoni, causing the pot of hot oil, garlic, and peppers to spill into the pasta! Then the entire container of Parmesan cheese overturned into the mix. The customers were horrified until they noticed that what looked like a big mess had the most amazing aroma and turned out to be the most delicious pasta dish ever created! Ugly Pasta—the dish that would make Annie famous for miles around—was born. And of course it was a Thursday!"--from the publisher

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