Bear and the Piano (The Bear and the Piano)


A bear cub wandering the forest comes upon something strange and unexpected.  He runs his stubby paws over what he can reach...  PLONK!

He leaves.  He comes back.  He tries again and again on the piano until suddenly there are beautiful sounds.  He is so good at playing the piano that one day he is discovered and invited to come out of the forest to share his talents with the world.

He will have to leave his friends and sail forth on a grand adventure.   Will he ever come back?  Will his friends forget him?  Can you ever go home again?

A lovely, charming, slightly wistful tale of a bear of great talent and it turns out, great heart.

40 pages  Ages  4-8  978-0544674547

Sequel is:  The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Things start small.  That's the case with this bear cub who wandering the forest comes upon a sunlit grove of trees all bearing witness to the very unusual and strange vine-covered thing seemingly planted among the wildflowers and grasses.  What could it be?

Bear runs his stubby paws across what he can reach and creates the sound of "Plonk."  It's awful.  He leaves. He comes back.  He tries it again and again and again  and eventually the sounds he makes are happy and beautiful sounds coming out of his grizzly grownup bear paws and claws.

The day comes when Bear is discovered by a young explorer girl who spots the clearing, the bear audience, the piano and she hears the beautiful sounds.  He is told he has a future in the city where wonder awaits.

So Bear leaves his friends, his forest, everything he knows except his beautiful music and he sallies forth into the land of adventure.

If the picture of a bear in "tails" playing a concert grand doesn't get you, the success he has just might.  But some of you may be wondering about what he left behind.  What about his friends you ask?  What about how much they cared about him you query?

Will the encore call of the wild could be the coup de grace for our friend Bear? Where does he belong?  Who truly loves and accepts him the audience or the bears back home?  Where will he find himself, in the headlines or in the forest clearings?

This is a warm story told with wisdom and with care for the tender, gentle strings it knows it will tug and set to vibrating. Will the friends in the forest still care?  Can you go out in the world and succeed on the big stage and still be welcomed home by those who knew you from day one?

The light in this world is warm, constant and seems to come from some source on high whether sun, moon or perhaps something even more powerful.  This is a wonderfully insightful, deeply-reaching, important story to encourage the smallest of hearts to go forward toward the largest of journeys....your own.

978-1847807175  40 pages  Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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