Backyard Sports: Home Field Advantage (#3)

Backyard Sports:  Home Field Advantage (#3)

Every year teams from all the nearby towns come together to play in a soccer tournament that is organized by the players themselves. This year all the players, Ramon, Joey, Achmed, Vicki, and everyone else, are really pumped up about it. Well, that is until a pipe breaks underneath the field and it looks like the kids won't have anywhere to play their games. Can a bunch of kids make a difference and overcome this problem? They find a field that hasn't been used in years. It needs a lot of work but if they can get the local business owners to donate paint, lawnmowers, and soccer goals and then talk the Town Council into giving them a permit to fix the field up, just maybe the show will go on. But that's a lot of if's. Teamwork, persistence, thinking big are all important qualities for tackling any problem that comes along. For these kids from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, there just might be a chance to achieve their goal (soccer and otherwise).

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