Armageddon's Children: Genesis of Shannara, Book One

Armageddon's Children: Genesis of Shannara, Book One

Imagine a post apocalyptic world where cities are in ruins, waters are polluted and plagues are spreading. Where would you go for safety, and is there really safety in numbers? In this world, humans live in compounds to protect themselves from the danger of coming under siege from outside demons and once-men. As the demons seize the compounds, humans are killed or put into slave camps. Not everyone has the protection of a compound: the orphaned children are not allowed in the compounds. These street kids form their own tribes. One such tribe is called the ghosts.

One night demons come for Logan Tom’s compound. He narrowly escapes the attack that leaves his parents slaughtered. He is later visited by a vision of The Lady who chooses her army of Knights of the Word. The vision asks him to become a Knight to destroy the demons and their minions. Logan Tom is also summoned to find a ghost named Hawk who will be able to help humankind, which is on the decline and in need of help desperately. Hawk is a Gypsy Morph who possesses magical powers that he slowly realizes he has.

Logan Tom accepts his quest with a desire to avenge the death of his parents. He travels across the country in search of the Gypsy Morph. Along the way he is guided by a powerful talisman. Logan Tom finds Hawk in a compound where he is arrested and sentenced to death with his girlfriend, Angel Perez, for stealing medicine from her compound. Like Logan Tom, Angel Perez is a Knight of the Word. Can Logan Tom help Hawk and Angel escape? Or is it the end of humankind as they know it? 371 pages.

Recommended by Anna Pelio, Librarian.

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