Always (I Love You Always) (Emma Dodd's Love You Books)

Always    (I Love You Always)  (Emma Dodd's Love You Books)

Unconditional love takes center stage as a toddler elephant tries out his options on his ever patient and ever gentle, very large and eternally reassuring mother.  Knee deep in the grasses of the plains, the little fellow mischievously sprays his mom's legs with his trunk.  With each turn of the page his mother takes him through all his facets, all his moods and even some emotions.  Sometimes he's afraid and sometimes he's very brave.

They go through a day of adventures, some kind and some mean, some dirty and some clean.  At day's end, mother elephant is there in all her formidable glory and her love wraps that baby up and protects him no matter what.

22 pages   978-1536200577    Ages  1-4

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


One little elephant learns that a parent’s love is unconditional.

There is always love between parent and child, which is the heartwarming message in an exquisite new title from Emma Dodd. Featuring stunning illustrations of an elephant family and with interior pages embellished with foil, this makes a handsome addition to any nursery bookshelf.--from the publisher

22 pages   978-1536200577    Ages  1-4

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