Also Known As Rowan Pohi

Also Known As Rowan Pohi

Rowan Pohi, the latest 10th grader to be admitted to the prestigious Whitestone Academy, is the kind of kid that every teacher wants to have and every kid wants to be. Handsome, intelligent, athletic, and popular, he is set to rule the school. The only problem? Rowan’s not real. Rowan Pohi is, in fact, a character created by Bobby Steele and his friends; part of a prank in which the bored boys fill out an application to the prestigious school under “Rowan’s” name to see if they can get him accepted. The ruse was supposed to end there, but it soon spirals out of control when the nonexistent boy’s application, complete with fake teacher recommendations and grades, is actually accepted. Bobby, eager to leave his undesirable old life behind, assumes Rowan’s identity. With a fresh start, maybe he can forget about the fact that his mom left them, that his father has anger management issues and a criminal record, that he is stuck attending the mediocre public school. After sealing the deal by winning a full Whitestone scholarship in an essay contest, Rowan Pohi is Bobby’s ticket to a better life. Of course, Bobby’s charmed new life can only go on for so long. Soon enough, troublesome blackmailing classmates threaten the illusion that he has so carefully crafted. How can Bobby reveal his secret identity without ruining everything he holds dear? A funny and fast-paced story that will appeal to anyone who has ever wished that they were someone else. Especially good for boys. 208 pages. Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland USA

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